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Our Team Includes Carpenters, Restorations Experts and Drywall and Tapers

We are expert painters specializing in room painting, deck refinishing, kitchen cabinets, decks, shutters and more. Whether you want to freshen up your rooms with a fresh coat of paint, pick a new color scheme or create a luxurious décor with inspired faux finish wall painting and textures we are here to help you. Our painters are able to achieve any look you desire. 

We take care in preparing and executing your paint job.

Our artists and painters can create any paint finish to accommodate a variety of tastes and can customize to coordinate with the décor. Contemporary or traditional, sophisticated or rustic, we can develop a custom decorative finish that enhances your home. We can create wood finishes, marble, stone, fresco, Venetian plaster, tromp l'oiel and just plain PAINT!

Home Painting and Faux Finishes

Decorative Paint Finish Samples 

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